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«There are a few places where Supernatural could happen – Switzerland is one of them»

Alles zu The Fourth Phase von Travis Rice höchstpersönlich.
Travis kümmert sich um Eero Ettala, Foto: Red Bull Content Pool
1'400 Nasen im Deutschen Theater München, Foto: Richard Walch Red Bull Content Pool

Am vergangenen Sonntag hatte Travis Rice die Ehre, sich im Rahmen der Premiere im Deutschen Theater in München mit twoleftfeet zum Interview zu treffen. Nach einem Wiesenbesuch tagsüber, einer emotionalen Begrüssung der Münchner und ziemlich genau 1'400 Selfies mit allen Kinobesuchern, nahm sich Travis 15 Minuten Zeit, mit twoleftfeet über The Fourth Phase, Nicolas Müller und die Zukunft des Supernaturals zu sprechen.

Trotz zwei halben Augustinern und zwei Jägermeistern mit der Montréal-Connection, begann ich das Interview während des Films im Foyer des Kinos dann so:

Hello Travis, I have to be honest, I’m kinda nervous interviewing a true game changer of snowboarding right now. Therefore my first question: How do you deal with your nervousness while standing in front of 1'400 people presenting your projects, or standing on top of lets say Tordrillo Mountain facing The Crack?
You know what? Take a breath. (Two guys come and ask for a selfie). Weather it's speaking in front of a big crowd or dropping a line in Alaska. The beauty of trial and error is, the more you do it, the more you get comfortable with it and I think that's like with anything in life. It's just about getting to a place, where you not let the outside world affect your mood.

How is The Fourth Phase different compared to Community Project, That’s It, That’s All or The Art of Flight?
I'd say that this film is an evolution of everything we've ever worked on. It's our fourth film, but even the first film we did The Community Project was after many films we did before. Each film we learned something. Mostly we've taken the lessons from shit not working. Failure is the greatest teacher. Therefore we couldn't have done That's It, That's All, without doing The Community Project. We couldn't have done The Art of Flight, without doing That's It, That's All. It's that all of these films together did make us ready to try to make The Fourth Phase.

Wählten zufällig ein Oktoberfest Datum für ihren Halt in Müchen aus: Travis Rice und Mark Landvik, Foto: Phil Pham, Red Bull Content Pool
Eero Ettala findet nicht nur Rice und Landvik's Outfit genial, sondern auch ihren Japan Part. Foto: Richard Walch, Red Bull Content Pool

Can you explain The Forth Phase’s mission regarding the 723-days cycle through the North Pacific Ocean?
The Fourth Phase is a film about water. (Travis signs a poster). Ultimately. It's a film about the hydrological cycle and your interaction with it. It's something stuck in my head for a long time. The idea of this film was laid down like fifteen years ago. The idea grew slowly. This energetic cycle that brings winter to our regions. That's why the trip took us around the North Pacific to kinda have a better understanding or even have a better appreciation for how connected and how small these processes really are.

Through wanting to understand that macro, zoomed-out picture of how our winters work, ended up coming upon the research of Dr. Joe Polak. (Travis gets offered a beer and pops it).

Having Polak narrating the film, brings in an educational note – was this a goal?
We for sure did a lot of research for this movie. Honestly the amount of information that we acquired that didn't even make it in to the film was huge. It was years of homework on this project.

As a Swiss boy growing up with Nicolas Müller — how sad have you been, that he couldn’t be a part in The Fourth Phase?
Oh, I miss Nico! He knew that he has a place in our film, if he was able. But he was busy working on Fruition. I think anything that Nico touches is gold. He can do nothing wrong. I'm stoked that he is on GNU now and that we're actually fucking teammates. Fucking best board-company in the world right now.

Apropos «Taking deep breaths» Travis GoPro Raw Footage:

Don't worry Travis, we love you. But Nico will remain our number one. Last question: What is gonna happen with you and snowboarding in the next 3 to 5 years? What's on your horizon?
I'm still a kid. I'm still having fun. I'm still stoked. I always told myself, that I do it until I wasn't having fun or until I wasn't interested anymore. And by now I'm honestly very exited to have a winter with no plan. Be able to support some of my friends projects' and go help my sponsors, who have been so patient and letting me just fuck off for four years. A big passion of mine for sure is The Supernatural Contest. That's a contest that I'd love to bring back.

Will there be a contest in the upcoming winter?
No. We actually worked a lot on the course this summer. Unfortunately two of our lumberjacks got struck by a lightning on the course this summer... But they are ok! I really think it's got a future and I want to see it grow and expand. Because it could be really healthy for snowboarding. And I really think it's got a place in Europe.

Where do you think this could happen – regarding Europe. Maybe even in our home Switzerland?
There are only a few places, that it could happen. And Switzerland is one of them. I mean c'mon!

Supernatural in der Schweiz! Ich würde. Vergesst nicht, diesen Sonntag, 2.10. um 21 Uhr The Fourth Phase auf Red Bull TV zu schauen oder mit ein wenig Glück im IMAX dabei zu sein – hier gehts lang.

Sie kommen wieder einmal nach München, Foto: Red Bull Content Pool

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