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das method mag gibt's ab herbst gratis

the internets killt sie langsam ? die bezahl-magazine. so auch das method mag. ab herbst gibt's das mag nämli gratis in deinem core-shop deines vertrauens.

method mag ceo rasmus ostergaard teilte gestern was folgt mit:
It?s very simple, over the past 5 years it?s become increasingly clear that newsstand sales are in steady decline. Sadly, our target audience simply doesn?t buy magazines anymore. We could continue working with the old paradigm or radically change our business model to adapt to the market?s new realities. . . . Going free is a win-win situation for everyone ?advertisers, retailers, readers, riders and photographers. From now on METHOD will be found where it counts most, namely core snowboard shops and other spots where snowboarders hang out.
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