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Ursina Haller

Das beste zum Schluss? Ursina Haller beendet unsere Serie «Girls on top» ? glücklicher könnten wir kaum sein. Seit längerer Zeit engagiert Ursina sich fleissig für den Girls-Nachwuchs der Schweiz und pusht junge Nachwuchshoffnungen. Gut so, finden wir und laden euch ein die FB-Page zu liken. Ursina, the stage is yours ...

1. Girls snowboarding is better than boys snowboarding because ...
a. we don't need Triple Corks (...yet).
b. we're having way more fun anyway.
c. we know how to style.

2. Sometimes I Rather go snowboarding with girls because ...
a. we take life easier.
b. boys are crying around all the time.
c. we talk about our boyfriends.
d. of the coffee party afterwards.

3. I rather go snowboarding to the movies with boys because ...
a. they're funnier.
b. girls talk too much.
c. I learn faster with the guys.
d. popcorn is easier to share with boys.

4. Isabel Derungs is the best snowboarding woman because ...
a. she's doing tricks no woman does (on and off snow).
b. she knows how to party (not only speaking of coffee parties here).
c. she's hot (even when wearing a phone booth).

5. Snowboarding in summer is great because ...
a. there are no tourists.
b. I love the smell of stinky feet.
c. I don't like surfing.
d. goggle tans are looking great at the beach (specially when it's the only tanned spot)

6. Switzerland's a place I like very much because ...
a. the food is delicious.
b. the cities are great.
c. the boys are nice.
d. the girls are nice.

7. The World's best shopping city is ...
a. New York.
b. Paris.
c. Aarau.
d. unfortunately, I have a talent for finding sweet shopping spots in every city.

8. I love music, especially ...
a. Rock 'n' Roll.
b. Hip Hop.
c. Techno.
d. my roomie's guitar sound.

9. For one day I would like to be ...
a. Michelle Obama.
b. Tara Dakides.
c. Queen Elizabeth.
d. invisible.

10. If I was an animal I would be ...
a. a bird.
b. a cat.
c. a hippopotamus.
d. a unicorn.

11. The last thing I'd like to say is ...
a. I like chocolate.
b. I wanna be a politician.
c. once I was a skier.
d. I don?t like these kinds of interviews.
e. I wanna be famous.
f. I will be a mommy soon.
g. nothing lasts forever.
h. I hate war.
i. I have a boyfriend.
j. I?m in love with an animal.
k. I suck at multiple choice.
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