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John John Florence wird auf Reddit ausgequetscht

Interessante Facts über seine Abenteuer und seinen neuen Movie «View From A Blue Moon» inkl. Trailer

Wir alle kennen John John Florence nur zu gut. Das erste Mal auf TLF wurde 2005 hier über ihn berichtet (auch wenn wir den Namen damals noch falsch geschrieben haben). Von Weltstars wie ihm ist es immer schwierig sich ein Bild von seiner Persönlichkeit zu machen. In der Nacht auf gestern stellte er sich jedoch den gwundrigen Lesern von einem «Ask Me Anything». Darin erfährt ihr mehr über seine persönlichen Erlebnisse als Pro-Surfer und das Zusammenspiel von Skaten, Snowboarden und Surfen. Wir haben euch ein paar interessante Fragen und Antworten herausgepickt.

Foto: YouTube

What's your best surfing story?

JJF: My scariest one was when me and my friends surfed this big outer reef wave, and it was just us two, and we didn't really know how big it was...and I was like, "I think we're in the spot right now." And we paddled over a smaller wave, it then there was like maybe a 20 foot wave breaking behind it. I was just looking at it like, "We're not in the spot right now!" It landed on us, and I was underwater for a while...And then right as we got to the surface, another wave hit me and I just went straight back down...Yeah, it was just a long time underwater. Two waves. Really kind of scary moment, because we had no water safety or anything.


What was it like to work with Brain Farm?

JJF: It was really cool to work with Brain Farm ... in the beginning they weren't too knowledgeable about surfing and we weren't too knowledgeable about dealing with all that gear...especially shooting with the helicopter, that's a hard one...when I was surfing I was very aware of the helicopter, it's hovering like 15 feet over your head and we have clips of me, from the rotor wash of the helicopter, just getting blown off the back of the wave. It's pretty funny... It was really close.

John John's Film «View From A Blue Moon» wurde von Brain Farm produziert und wird am 1. Dezember '15 veröffentlicht. Kleine Vorwarnung: er wird euch vom Hocker hauen (macht Brain Farm ja gerne mal)!

Have you ever had a close encounter with a shark, and how much did it scare the shit out of you?

JJF: Haha, I've had a few close encounters with sharks. I had one in Africa, where the whole Mick Fanning thing happened at Jeffreys Bay. I had one where I was sitting there before dark, and I look down and I just saw the head of one kind of come up below my board. It wasn't a huge shark, but it was still enough to scare me a lot. Like, I mean, I went in as quick as possible, I ran over the reef.
I had another one that wasn't as scary, but was much more dramatic. At home in Hawaii there were a bunch of us and we were sitting in the lineup, and there was like a turtle outside... maybe 20, 30 feet ahead of us. It was flapping its arms, and a tiger shark just took the thing out of the water in its mouth, and was just rolling right there with it. And we were watched it for a minute or two, and then I just kind of said to myself "Okay, it's time to go in I think." And just slowly paddled in!


How do you see surfing changing over the next 10 years?

JJF: I see surfing changing a lot with bigger waves and a lot more paddling out of bigger waves on that side of things and I see it going to the air a lot more with bigger flips and more spins...It's just kinda where the progression has been going for a pretty long time now. Everyone's adding different things, taking things from snowboarding and skating and trying them out surfing...I think snowboarding's a really good thing to look at because with the way they twist and spin, we can kinda apply it to surfing. I mean, we'll never be able to go as high or as far as they do on some of the big jumps, but you can definitely take a page out of their book and kinda apply it to your surfing.

How the heck did you come up with your unique style? Sometimes I've wondered if there was some skateboarding/surfing cross over.

JJF: It's not something where I'm on a wave and thinking about skating, but I would say maneuver-wise, taking ideas ... I guess it comes from skating with doing tweaks and stuff, but like snowboarding with the way they do their flips and stuff or the way they turn and do their airs, it's pretty similar to surfing. With skating you're leaving your skateboard a lot, doing flip tricks and grinds and what not which is kinda different from surfing. With snowboarding they're just doing like cork flips and as many spins as they can and it looks like that's where surfing's going.


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